Bridal Fun Facts – The Bridal Bouquet


June 20, 2023

Of all the traditions surrounding the bride’s walk down the aisle, our favorite (aside from the wedding dress of course!) is the bridal bouquet. There’s nothing better than a well designed clutch of flowers to accentuate that perfect bridal gown you chose from New Beginnings Bridal Studio! So just in case you ever wondered why this particular tradition is still an important part of the wedding day, here’s a few of the reasons.

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Ancient Rome is the first place we find flowers common place at weddings. They were symbols of new beginnings (we like that one!), fidelity and fertility. The first bouquets were composed of garlands of herbs and/or flowers and eventually came to represent the bringing of happiness and satisfaction in marriage. The ribbon tying the bouquet represented fellowship.

Jump to the Victorian era when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840. Flowers were increasingly becoming a gift to be given to express love, and each flower had a different meaning attached to it. The Queen made the small bouquet and flower crown popular with her subjects, choosing Orange Blossoms (symbolizing chastity), Myrtle (symbolizing the love goddesses Venus and Aphrodite), and creamy white blossoms representing beauty, passion, fidelity and immortal, true love.

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Olesya Arnautov Photography

Today, lucky you, flowers are chosen not for their meaning, but according to the bride’s personality, style and color preference. How wonderful to express yourself according to your personal favorites instead of a symbolic definition! Have so much fun choosing these gorgeous, natural decorations for your wedding day. And in case you need a good florist referral, check out Ever Blooming Floral, our local favorite!

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