Trash the Dress Photos?!


May 9, 2023

Would you do it?  After spending all that money, time and stress on finding and purchasing the wedding gown of your dreams, could you cast all care aside and jump in the ocean or roll in a mud puddle with it?  Say you decided against preserving it for your daughter (because chances are…she won’t wear it anyhow), would your sentimental side allow you to follow through?

Wedding Dress from New Beginnings Bridal Studio.
Olesya Arnatov Photography

The idea definitely makes for some fun and memorable photos that are once in a lifetime.  Certainly there are many photographers who have won high accolades with the daring shots captured with their lens.  The framed picture on your wall is sure to be one of a kind, and the conversations around it would be priceless.

Bridal Gown from New Beginnings Bridal Studio in Puyallup, WA.
Angie Mitchell Photography

One of our New Beginnings Bridal Studio trusted photographers, Angie Mitchell, has a fabulous suggestion that meets somewhere in the middle of this thought.  Angie suggests a “Newly Wed” session.  The bride would wear her dress, the groom his suit or shirt/slacks/vest, and have a casual and relaxed photo session in a fun place.  The idea is that you’re not necessarily “trashing” the dress, but it may get a tad dirty and rumpled because the environment wouldn’t be the clean, pristine wedding venue.  How about your favorite beach; your uncles farm; a past camping spot or hiking trail; the amusement park where you had your first date! Your imagination is sparked now!  Here’s Angie’s website in case you need to contact her with your incredible ideas.

And just a reminder, we’re here for you when you’re done and can help you get that wedding dress as clean and preserved as possible just in case your nostalgic side starts nagging you!

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