Under-the-Dress Wear

When you find your dream wedding dress at New Beginnings Bridal Studio, a common question that soon arises is, “What the heck do I wear underneath it”?!  It’s a great question, so don’t be afraid to ask. 

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More likely than not, your dress will already have bra cups attached inside of it from the designer.   Many times, brides will ask the seamstress to tack in another set of bra cups adding to those from the designer. A few reasons for this would be to fill in a bit more space, add more lift, or increase coverage. There are also many self adhesive silicone cups available.

Shapeware is a great option for most brides. Not only does it help smooth your shape, but also provides a thin barrier between your skin and the gown fabric in case of irritation. Thigh chaffing can also be problematic, so shapeware works well for this as well. Some gown styles have illusion bodices or low side cut-outs, so make sure the shapeware you choose matches your skin tone well, or that the waist band falls below the lowest point of illusion on your dress.

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If your wedding gown silhouette is a ballgown, designers always attach the appropriate amount of crinoline to make the dress fall exactly how it should. That being said, there are always times when a bride feels the need for additional “poof”! Petticoats help support the weight of heavy skirts and can be ordered and purchased when desired. Heavy mermaid skirts can also be supported by special mermaid petticoats should the need arise.

That’s pretty much it! Your comfort will greatly enhance your confidence, and your confidence makes you glow. We’d be happy to answer any other questions you may have, so reach out any time!

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