Timing and Wedding Dress Shopping

You will notice on any wedding planning checklist that toward the top is a line titled “Shop for Gown”, and is placed near the top for a very good reason. When it comes to THE dress, no procrastination is allowed!!  So, unless you are the gal who thrives on living on the edge; flying by the seat of her pants; throwing caution to the wind…PLEASE keep this task at the top!

Wedding Gown from New Beginnings Bridal Studio in Puyallup

Wedding gowns require a 4-6 month delivery window…that’s DELIVERY window, and that’s when deliveries are running as normal with no supply chain disruptions!  Delivery time frames all differ according to designer procedures, style, color, and size.  Does the dress involve intricate fabrics and beading that are in stock or are they on backorder from suppliers? Are there adequate numbers of skilled hand seamstresses to attach those incredible details?  How long do overseas shipments wait to pass through customs and make their way to designer headquarters?  These are just a few of the factors involved in the making and shipping of each and every wedding dress, so the more time allowed for ordering, the less worry about on-time deliveries.

Once your wedding gown has been delivered to us here at New Beginnings Bridal Studio in Puyallup, you are likely one of the 98% of women needing alterations for a perfect fit.  If your wedding takes place during “wedding season” (May thru September), you are just one of many brides needing this service.  We recommend our brides schedule their seamstress appointment for 8-10 weeks prior to the wedding date.  Did you notice that just added another 2-3 months to the time frame? We suggest having your finished dress in hand, ready to go, about 2 weeks before the wedding.

Aline Wedding Gown from New Beginnings Bridal Studio

So, when you add all this knowledge up, the perfect timing for PURCHASING your wedding gown is 9 months prior to your wedding day. If you are a slow shopper, start the process 12 months prior. Now doesn’t that sound nice and stress free?  We think so too!  So, when your wedding planner, bridal consultant or checklist tells you that it’s time to find and order your dress, don’t roll your eyes and think you have plenty of time.  Avoid unnecessary panic, anxiety, or even worse, settling with a gown that rated a “9” or less compared with the “10” you dreamed of.  Say “NO” to procrastination and get that gorgeous gown ordered! Click here to schedule your appointment.

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