Wedding Dress Sample Sale

Hey new brides! Lucky you that it’s Sample Sale time of year again here at New Beginnings Bridal Studio. Just in case you’re not quite sure what that means, here’s a quick explanation for you!

A Wedding Dress Sample Sale

In the bridal gown world, the word “sample” refers to each wedding gown that is currently hanging on the racks in the showroom.  Each sample wedding dress represents a designer’s styles, colors, quality and structure of that particular lines and season. These wedding dress samples are what brides try on while in the process of finding their own wedding gown.

During Fall and Spring of each year, designers release new styles of wedding dresses in the process of keeping with fashion trends.  As such, bridal salons like New Beginnings Bridal Studio, then get these designs in store to keep their bridal gown selections current.  No store is large enough to be able to hold all the latest and greatest beauties as well as the favorites of the past few years.  Enter the “sample” sale!

New Beginnings Bridal Studio in South Hill, Puyallup, puts their beloved sample bridal gowns currently hanging from the racks on sale to make room for all the new samples coming in.  You then, the newly engaged bride, then have an incredible opportunity to get a gorgeous wedding gown at a marked down price.  Mark downs vary due to how many times a gown has been tried on and how many seasons the gown has been in the store.

And there you have it.  Our loss, your gain!  This weekend is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of spectacular pricing. But, since new inventory comes in twice a year, always check our website and social media pages for exact timing of these special sales.

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