Mothers of the Wedding


May 20, 2021

Angie Lyons Photography

Angie Mitchell Photography

It’s your wedding day, and you look stunning in your beautiful wedding dress from New Beginnings Bridal Studio in Puyallup of course! Your fiancé looks incredible, the bridesmaids and groomsmen all cleaned up fabulously, and the littles couldn’t be more adorable.  Now, take a look at the woman who guided, loved and supported you throughout your life.  Maybe she gave birth to you, maybe she came into your life a few years into it, but whatever the case, she is the proudest female in the building. She’s your mother.

Rebecca Anne Photography

Rebecca Anne Photography

This is an epic day for Moms.  They see their precious girls; their pride and joy.  They watch their daughter’s eyes light up when she looks at her soul mate, and it fills their hearts to the brim with happiness.  Moms feel honor and pleasure in hosting this celebration for their daughter, and the memories of it last a lifetime.  Yes, this is a happy, happy day for her…with a twist!

Boston Harbor Photography

Boston Harbor Photography

No matter your age, moms are moms and daughters are their babies.  It would be impossible for a mother to not think of you as her little girl at some point during that day.  She will have flashbacks of her newborn, your first giggle, chubby toddler hands and elementary school artwork.  The times she rocked you to sleep, kissed away your scrape, and drove you to the dance. When she caught you sneaking one more piece of candy or the debate over curfew will seem like it was just yesterday.  But here you stand, a gorgeous bride beginning a new life journey, and she can’t fathom how fast the years flew by.

So as you look at your mom today, remember that at the core of every word of advice, every tear shed, her giggle or silent nod of the head, this woman loves you with her life and would give you the world if possible.  You two have a bond that no one else can share. Look at her, smile, and record that moment under priceless treasures.

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