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December 17, 2020

Here we are at the end of 2020 (hooray!) and about to move into 2021. Many of you have weddings coming up in the next few months (hooray, hooray!), so in honor remembering what’s important, we give you this inspiration and encouragement as you anticipate your long awaited wedding day.

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We know the brides from New Beginnings Bridal Studio in Puyallup, have spent months, and in the case of 2020, over a year of anticipation and preparation. Your wedding day is the day to put all of that past worry and anxiety behind you. It is a day for CELEBRATION!  This day is about you, your best friend and the first day of your journey as husband and wife.  Focus on every second and put it away as a treasured memory.  At the end of this day, you will be married…come what may.

So, here is a list for your wedding day. Trust the professionals you’ve hired to do what they do best, and follow this list to a “T”!

Bride in Wedding Dress

  • Remember the feeling when you first awoke and smiled with realization.

  • Soak in the laughter of the dressing room filled with the girls you love most.

  • Capture the look in the eyes of your parents as they see you in your gown for the first time.

Wedding Party

  • Basque in the time when your almost husband holds you close during your photo session.

  • Envelope the ceremony of the covenant in which you enter.

  • Feel the excitement of the officiant’s pronouncement.

  • Accept everyone’s good wishes and enjoy the hugs from your family and friends.

  • Delight in sharing a meal with “your people”.

  • Dance and dance and dance.

Be present in this day.  Cherish the ecstatic joy of this most precious of days.  Live to the fullest in each and every moment!

Angela Lyons Photography

Angela Lyons Photography

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