Your Wedding Dress Shopping Experience


February 22, 2020

Wedding dress shopping day! You may be one of those girls who have dreamed about this day your whole life. Maybe you’re on the other side of the spectrum and have been dreading this day since that ring has been on your finger!

At New Beginnings Bridal Studio in Puyallup, believe us when we say we have heard each extreme with everything in between. And we can most definitely say with confidence, “We’ve got you”! In the hands of our experienced, knowledgeable stylists, you can be assured we are here for you. Our job is to help you navigate your wedding dress shopping experience according to your dreams, desires, doubts and trepidation. We will support and guide you each step of the process, and before you know it, you’ll feel comfortable and confident enough to…dare we say…have a WONDERFUL time!

Shealynmarie Photography

Shealyn Marie Photography

Besides our incredible stylists, we have beautiful, private suites for your wedding gown shopping experience, and we are right here in Puyallup, just a 40 minute drive south from Seattle. Each suite has a comfortable viewing room for your special guests with a separate, but connected, dressing room for you, the bride. It’s this memorable and personal approach that we love! What an honor for us to spend such an important moment in time with you and your favorite people, assisting you in choosing the most important garment of your life…your wedding dress!

Shaelynmarie Photography

Shaelyn Marie Photography

Shaelynmarie photography

Shaelyn Marie photography

shaelynmarie photography

Shaelyn Marie photography

Come on in and see why our brides love being a #newbeginningsbride. Give New Beginnings Bridal Studio in Puyallup a call or schedule online. See you soon!

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