The Covenant

New Beginnings Bridal Studio is in the wedding industry; specifically, the wedding dress aspect of the industry. We get that among all the planning and excitement that naturally goes along with the word “wedding”, sometimes the reason behind this momentous occasion can get pushed aside. The “why” of its deserving of all this celebration in the first place.  You are getting MARRIED!!  You are entering a covenant…a marriage covenant…and that is definitely a call for celebration!

Boston Harbor Photography

Boston Harbor Photography

A covenant is a solemn oath.  A binding promise.  Just ponder for a moment over the words you’ve heard a million times during the wedding ceremonies you have attended and you’ll understand the deep and sacred bond in which you are about to embark.  The two of you are not just making a decision on the fly that no one else knows about.  No, you stand before people who know and love you, and they witness both of you speak vows to each other that bring the two of you together in a union unlike any other known to humankind.  The two of you become one pair, unique to any other marriage pairings already in existence.  A couple who has entered a marriage covenant.  Whew!  Serious, but never will there be another relationship that will give greater joy, contentment and love such as this one.

So, go on planning with all the energy and enthusiasm as this occasion calls for.  And for the most fun stage of the process, come see us here at New Beginnings Bridal Studio in Puyallup to find the dreamy wedding dress that will wow everyone who lays eyes on you.  After all, this is a celebration of a lifetime with the love of your life.  There’s no better reason on earth to dress to the hilt and throw a party!

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