The Bride’s Support System

Hooray! Gown shopping day has arrived!  You’ve scheduled an appointment at the best place (New Beginnings Bridal Studio, of course), and have your most favorite people in tow.  You are all excited about the process and can’t wait to choose the dress that you’ll wear on your wedding day.  Well, believe it or not, there are times when this awesome day can take a turn into not-so-awesome when the gang you brought with you forgets their job. But never fear, we’ve got your back and have a few hints on how you can keep this day from being anything but incredible!

Olesya Arnatov Photography

First and foremost, choose wisely those you invite to come shopping with you.  You are the only one who can honestly evaluate the people that will be most beneficial to you as you seek to find the most important piece of wardrobe you will ever own.  It’s true that every one of your family and friends love you, but not all of them are suitable companions for this mission.  If there’s too much noise coming at you in the form of selfishness (Just let me see you in…), strong opinions (Well, I think you should…), criticism (No way, that looks like…), how will you ever be able to focus on the wedding day look of YOUR dreams?   Qualify them on the basis of whether or not they will support you and your thoughts, goals and visions. If they have your interests at the forefront, and offer thoughts only when requested from you then they are excellent candidates!

Olesya Arnatov Photography

The best bridal support system are those that you trust most, your closest confidants and your biggest cheerleaders.  They know you inside and out, want to help you succeed in your plans and can always be counted on…come what may.  This special shopping day is YOURS and YOURS ONLY.  The goal is making YOUR visions come to life for the day YOU marry YOUR best friend.  It’s really the only time anyone gets to say that, so don’t feel bad that not everyone can come. Take great pleasure in this day with your closest allies, have so much fun, and celebrate big when you find THE dress!

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